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May-June, 2021

This $10,000 grant, facilitated by CACHE, supports the 2020-2022 ARt Connect organizations to execute an organizational development project. Your project should be in response to what you've learned so far in this program, and should position your organization to grow in at least one of the three ARt Connect Areas of Focus:

1. Governance

2. Finance

3. Community Engagement

NOTE: If your grant project focuses on/builds skills and ideas that we haven’t specifically covered in past ARt Connect sessions, please work closely with Angela to develop and finalize your grant project proposal. Also, please be aware that the scope and cost of proposed grant projects do not need to be restricted by the ARt Connect grant amount requested if other supplemental funding sources are available. Applicants must communicate this in their application.


All qualifying proposals will be fully funded at $10,000 and scored with feedback to encourage grant writing skill-building and confidence. 

Panel scoring will be based on the

1. work and health of the organization:

  • programming and community engagement
  • financial management
  • commitment to diversity and community representation
  • collaboration

2. strength of the proposed project itself:

  • clarity of goals and outcomes
  • feasibility and timeliness
  • long-term impact on the organization’s growth and sustainability
  • overall contribution to the arts and cultural field in the NWA region


To be eligible for funding, organizations must be part of the 2020-2022 ARt Connect cohort.

The following expenses/projects are not eligible for the available ARt Connect grants:

  • Projects that are disconnected from ARt Connect areas of focus: Governance, Finance and Community Engagement.
  • Operational expenses: staff salary, rent, utilities, etc… (note: there may be an exception if a small portion of operating expenses are required to execute your organizational development project - please contact Angela to help you assess whether or not this exception applies to your organization)
  • Stand-alone or one-time performances, festivals, conferences, etc. that are not connected to long-term organizational development strategy.
  • Stand-alone publications, films/videos or websites that are not connected to long-term organizational development strategy.


Application open: Thursday, May 13, 1:00pm

Submission deadline: Thursday, June 24, 5:00pm

Decisions: CACHE staff will review applications and provide notice of all grant decisions by July 30

Grant Period: all proposed grant projects must be completed by July 1, 2022

CACHE: Creative Arkansas Hub & Exchange